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Brad Byrd is a singer/songwriter from the heart of the Natural State of Arkansas. Having grown up around music, Brad began honing his skills as a songwriter early on at the age of 14. Now 29, Brad is diving deeper into songwriting and performing with his debut EP, Silhouettes. His sound, a blend of Brit-rock influences and modern indie pop is grounded by his soaring vocals and sensibilities as a songwriter. With lyrics that show his conviction and music with compelling melodies that will pull you in, Brad is an artist to be on the lookout for. He is currently back in the studio, working tirelessly on new songs, with big dreams for the future.


His debut EP, Silhouettes, spans a wide range of emotions and subjects in just five songs. His debut single, See The Light, with its bright, rousing chorus, and infectious melodies, is penned for the person dealing with unrequited love. Crystallize is an energetic, guitar driven song that focuses around the thoughts and anxieties of a man dancing with a beautiful woman. Ghost Dancer, which went on to win the 2017 Alchemy Songwriting Competition’s Best Rock/Alternative Song category, as well as win Brad the coveted Fan Favorite Award at the showcase, is a somber, falsetto-filled look back at the memories of a relationship long lost, set to a driving backbeat. Slow Burn is a song with carefully built energy dedicated to the strength of a woman who has been dejected in life, but that admiration slowly blossoms into deeper love. Finally, the EP comes home with Waves, a duet with mingling melodies, featuring the vocal talents of fellow singer/songwriter Tiffany Lee, with lyrics that center around two people walking away from a broken relationship while still acknowledging the good they are leaving with. The Silhouettes EP is currently available wherever you stream music.

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